Our country stands out all over the world for the beauty of its landscapes, for the quality of our companies and for the tenacity of its citizens. I am proud to represent Italy in Europe and in particular my region, the north-east, which with its many facets represents a small jewel in the world.


Politics must be at the service of the people. This is the compass that guides my business, both in Europe and in Italy. The economic crisis of the last decade and the one resulted from the pandemic have led to a dramatic increase of inequalities and an impoverishment of the most fragile parts of society. Politics must take charge of everything, it must ensure a peaceful and dignified future for all citizens, without leaving anyone behind. I think about our young people, about the students. I think about women who are both mothers and workers: too often they are forced to give up one of the two things. I think about families affected by the crisis. Politics must be at their service


Companies are the beating heart of our territory, a heart that guarantees stability to our families. The sector suffered a lot because of the pandemic but, also thanks to the precious support of the European Union, it can recover and gear up in the front of a changing world. Sustainability and digitization must be useful tools to rank our companies in an increasingly global market. Politics must encourage investments, improve technologies and skills that are useful to make our companies competitive.


We need to look to the future to outline an effective policy. The future is often under our roof, it is our children. The young people who put efforts in an increasingly complex labour market, the researchers who offer us hope in many sectors and also the young people forced to seek their way away from home. It is for them that we must commit and it is to them that we must offer a welcoming and safe world. It is clear that to ensure their future we need to invest in school today. School is essential not only for education and training, but also for relationships and affectivity. Future generations must be at the center of our attention.


Our cities, the education of our children, our free time. Culture is everywhere around us. This is the reason why it deserves the attention of local, national and European politics. A constant and careful investment in the beauties that surround us and in the future of our children is essential to safeguard our values and our history. For too many years our culture has been cannibalized. Only care for information, history and the environment can guarantee stability and prosperity for the next generations

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